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Caribbean Mayan Adventure and Jungle Expeditions.

Let's explore together a little of the culture of our Mayan ancest...

Special offer$135.00 USD $150

Cenotes Riviera Maya & Tulum

Amazing outdoor adventures at the Riviera Maya

$130 USD

Cozumel at Your way.

Hire a local driver for less than $20 USD per hour.

$90 USD

Stingray Experience in Cozumel.

Everybody Loves Rays & Sharks

$64 USD

Cozumel Mezcal and Tequila Tasting.

Join us as we explore the history of Mezcal and Tequila in an inte...

$59 USD

Cozumel Chocolate Seaside Workshop & Wine Tasting.

Chocolate was first discovered and processed by Mexico's Aztec and Mayan Indianshundreds ...

$45 USD

Cozumel Mini Submarine Adventures.

A fun way to explore the seabed and enjoy the variety of marine life, believe me, you will not ...

$79 USD

Cozumel Catamaran tour & Beach party.

This catamaran snorkel tour and beach party is an excellent combin...

$79 USD

Cozumel Luxury Catamaran Sailing tour.

There is never anything more relaxing than enjoying the Caribbean ...

$120 USD
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Cozumel El Cielo Snorkel Tour.

Cielo and Cielito is a wonderful paradise beach with turquoise blue water located on the south ...

Special offer$72.00 USD $80
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Cozumel Fishing Charters.

Cozumel is in the TOP 10 best fishing spots for fishermen around t...

Special offer$142.50 USD $150
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Cozumel Croco Adventure.

In this excursion you will have a triple adventure since we will v...

Special offer$76.00 USD $95

Cozumel Club Crawl.

Visit as many beaches as you can, drink as much as you can, eat as...

$50 USD

Cozumel Dolphin Experience.

Closer than ever! This is the...

$199 USD

Cozumel Dolphin Encounter.

The first ideal encounter with a dolphin!

$109 USD

Cozumel Dolphin Aventures.

Get ready to have a fun time with dolphins!

$139 USD

Cozumel Dolphin Royal Swim.

An exclusive and complete adventure to swim with dolphins!

$169 USD

Chichen Itza Express.

Chichen Itza was the most populous city in the entire Yucatan Peni...

$150 USD

Cozumel ATVs Castillo Real Offroad.

Castillo Real is one of the most beautiful parts of the island whe...

$125 USD

Cozumel Parasailing Adventure.

A different way to enjoy Cozumel from the sky.

$85 USD

SkyDive Playa del Carmen.

Since 1996 SKYDIVE PLAYA has been in the business of jumping out o...

$270 USD
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Cozumel Hunting Lionfish Experience.

Enjoy the exciting diving opportunities on Cozumel and experience the Lionfish hunt.

Special offer$120.00 USD $150
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Whale Shark Adventures in Isla Mujeres.

Swim alongside the largest fish in the world.

Special offer$211.50 USD $235

SCUBA Diving in Cozumel.

Submerge into the blue warm waters from Cozumel and explore the se...

$100 USD

Playa del Carmen Bull Shark SCUBA Adventures.

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty and majesty of the great predator of the oceans.

$155 USD

Tulum Cave Diving SCUBA Adventures.

Explore the ancient Mayan sacred caves while SCUBA diving.

$130 USD

Playa del Carmen Spear Fishing (Free Diving).

Experience one of the first fishing methods from our history.

$450 USD

Cozumel Beach Club The Sky Reef.

We have a beautiful reef on the beach, which will give you the opp...

$65 USD

Cozumel CocoTiki Beach Club.

Sand, sun, and sea, a perfect combinations for a pleasant day.

$65 USD

Cozumel Playa Uvas Beach Club.

Our facilities will make you feel at home. and you won't want to l...

$65 USD